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Suboticka Toplana


Long time ago, in 1961, when the power plant stopped operating, the use of the plant's boiler installations was changed to facilitate the development of the city's district heating system.   The construction of the new and the change in the use of old installations ended in 1963.  In that year a company was established for public utility operations and thermal energy generation and distribution, thus it was the time when regular thermal energy distribution started in Subotica.   Coal was the primary fuel for thermal energy generation.
Aside from the above mentioned activities, the Subotica DH PC also distributed natural gas in the period from 1991 until the structural changes in 2005. In 2005, the Subotica DH PC changed its status, when part of the company was founded as a new public utility company for the distribution of natural gas. Then the  Subotica DH PC was registered as a public utility company (PUC) for public utility operations and thermal energy generation and distribution on the territory of the Subotica Municipality.
Since 2006, the Subotica DH PUC has been generating and providing thermal energy for the territory of the Backa Topola Municipality as well, while since 2012. these serves have been provided for the Krivaja settlement, too.