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Suboticka Toplana


Company Management and Organisation
The company is managed by:
Director:   Devro Ahmetovic

Supervisory Board:

Supervisory Board President:   Aleksandra Aleksic

Supervisory Board Members:
•     Rako Papic
•     Mladen Malbasic

Organisational Structure:

The Subotica DH PUC comprises two technical and development sectors and two departments.
1.     Technical-Development Sector:
•     Thermal Heat Production, Transfer and Supply Department
•     Engineering Department
•     Supply, Storage and Trading Department

2.     Accountancy, Economic and Financial Affairs Department
•     Accounting Service
•     Customer Relations Service
•     Financial Operations Service
•     Planning and Analysis Service

3.     Legal, General and HR Department:
•     Legal Service
•     HR and General Affairs Service
•     Defence and Security Service